Ideal Slow City is inspired by the slow city movement began in 1999 at Orvieto city of Italy when it embraced the 'buon vivire' (good life) way of life. In a slow city, residents can avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic congestion as well as air and noise pollution. They can enjoy the tranquility via a long walk or a relaxing bicycle ride through greenery-filled lanes. They live, work and play in comfortable and cozy residential areas where dining, shopping and socializing are a given.

Art Appreciation

To encourage the local art and creative industry, to createa culture for appreciating arts.

  • Handicraft Bazaar
  • Art Exhibition


To encourage eco-living for a cleaner and greener future.

  • 12.5km Bicycle Trail
  • Shady Path
  • 3-acre Bicycle Park
  • Recycling Station
  • Organic Market

Public Sphere

To foster better community relations and stronger neighborhood ties by providing a well planned and comprehensive club house facilities to unwindand relax.

  • Public Sculpture
  • Performances & Events

Refined Culture

A homage to taste, personality and fine living.

  • Fine Dining
  • Personalized Shop

Location Map