Condo bags prestigious award


The Star – Advancing South West Penang Kwong Wah - Idaman Selasih廉价及中廉价屋公寓钥匙移交仪式 The Star – State to keep on building affordable units The Sun – The winners' circle The Sun – An ideal venture


Guang Ming – 宏升集团荣夺INPenang Award最佳产业发展商(南部)大奖 Kwong Wah – 宏升集团荣夺INPenang Award最佳产业发展商(南部)大奖 Guang Ming – 浮罗山背再添3看点 Nanyang – 新港Idaman Selasih廉价公寓移交钥匙 Guang Ming – 中华中学校友羽球赛 Kwong Wah – 宏升集团Tree Sparina获最佳高楼住宅发展 Kwong Wah – Tree Sparina荣夺白金大奖 Nanyang – My Ideal Homes摄影赛28日截止 Kwong Wah – My Ideal Homes摄影赛月杪截止 Guang Ming – 中华校友羽球赛群英宴暨颁奖礼 Kwong Wah – 中华校友羽球赛群英宴暨颁奖礼

MARCH 2017

The Star – Honouring noble work of developers Guang Ming – 迟钝儿童福利协会获地建校 Kwong Wah – 移交临时地契建特殊儿童分校 Nanyang – 槟迟钝儿福利协会获赠地段建新校舍 Starmetro – Honoured for their integrity The Star – Congratulations to all winners The Star – Hear the quiet call of the sea The Star Coffee Table Book - A Greek-inspired development ideal for home starters The Star Coffee Table Book - A Waterfront haven for royalty

APRIL 2017

Good Harvest – 宏升集团 屡创佳绩 PIPDA – Ideal living for the family PIPDA – Building sustainable communities

MAY 2017

Kwong Wah - "骑出脚车道"环岛游 813举行欢迎报名 Nanyang – 宏升集团再冠名赞助骑出脚车道8.13举行 Kwong Wah – 益华小学获迁校准证 Guang Ming – 宏升集团再创佳绩 Kwong Wah – 宏升集团再多2大奖 The Star – Top 5 waterfront developments in Malaysia in 2017

JUNE 2017

Kwong Wah – 5000万提升槟巴刹 Sin Chew – 耗资千万兴建 新港金三角巴刹将启用 The Star – New complex on the block The Star – All set to open by August The Star – Condo bags prestigious award Guang Ming – 中国驻槟城总领事访恒中分校 Nanyang – 宏升集团联办摄影赛 詹芯义罗国强夺冠 Kwong Wah – MY IDEAL HOMES摄影赛詹芯义罗国强夺冠

JULY 2017

Nanyang – 槟湖内垄尾路及甘榜巴他路 10治水工程将施工


The Star – Space to explore science and maths The Star – Capturing ideal homes on camera Kwong Wah – JOBLINK慈善脚车行 Nanyang – 盼新脚车道速完成 Guang Ming – 13日骑出脚车道 Kwong Wah – 12.5公里脚车道将完成 Guang Ming – CFAL脚车行 6千人环岛82公里 Kwong Wah – 槟城活力星期天 近万人参与健康活动 The Star – United by the love of cycling


Guang Ming – 宏升实力超凡唱丰收 Kwong Wah – 宏升集团横扫2奖 The Star – Pat on the back for good deeds


The Star – Ideal-lic homes in the sky The Star – Out-of-town visitors swarm fair The Star – Property gems snapped up


Kwong Wah – 宏升集团逾百职员 义务清理灾区 发挥守望相助精神 宏升义工团灾区善后奖 China Press – 宏升集团拉队清理灾区 Nanyang – 宏升集团守望相助 百人义工团清灾场 Nanyang – 黄田滨:夺第一莫大荣耀 专注槟产业主攻中价房

MAY 2016

Guang Ming – 峇六拜2神庙获迁建 The Star – RM1bil properties to be injected into IdealUBB Kwong Wah – 产业巨头宏升集团 传获槟公寓之王雅号

JUNE 2016

Guang Ming – 宏升精心打造ForestVille 贯彻山林闲居意念

JULY 2016

Property Insight – The Rise of 'Penang Condo King' Guang Ming – 宏升集团荣夺卓越企业精神奖 Kwong Wah – 宏升集团荣夺卓越企业精神奖 Guang Ming – 宏升赞助120万 新港穆斯林祈祷室竣工


Good Harvest – 槟城公寓之王推介Queens Waterfront The Star – First half of school completed Guang Ming – 料10月杪竣工 恒毅分校1月开课 Kwong Wah – 恒毅分校明年招生开课 Nanyang – 恒毅分校开6班 Sin Chew – 马中师生交流盼明年落实 Kwong Wah – Tree Sparina即将取得入伙准证 The Star – Bridging closer ties through education Guang Ming – 斥资800万 湖内绿化巴刹年秒启用 Kwong Wah – 下月获入伙准证 金三角巴刹年秒启用 Nanyang – 新港湖内One Imperial公寓比邻 综合式巴刹年秒启用 The Sun – Penang Condo King


The Star – Market complex with a green touch Guang Ming – 宏升移交模拟钥匙 槟首间二合一神庙 Kwong Wah - 宏升移交模拟钥匙 槟岛寸土如金 二庙共用一屋 Kwong Wah – ForestVille隐身山林 时尚为邻


The Star – Cosy homes with the wow factor The Star – Ideal Place to raise a family Kwong Wah – 星报产业展最后一天 The Star – Safe homes on their minds The Sun – Penang Condo King Creates Legacy for Society


Kwong Wah – 宏升赞助2月18中华校友羽球赛 Guang Ming – 记协奖又来了 The Edge – Ensuring affordable homes for Penang folk The Edge – Tackling abuse, addressing current issues


Guang Ming – 186新生报到恒毅峇央峇鲁分校 Kwong Wah – 恒毅分校启用 186新生上学啦